Hunters are rewarded rising tokens for writing original, non-plagiarized articles about Earneo. Earneos Hunters may use information from the hosts website or whitepaper for example, but must NOT copy/paste info.

Earneo bounty hunters will be rewarded in RNO token by writing an original, non-plagiarized article about Earneo. Earneo bounty hunters may use information from or whitepaper or even ask questions on the telegram group. Simple copy/paste info from the whitepaper/website will be rejected. Be creative !


  • Languages Accepted: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean.
  • Publications accepted: Medium, Steemit, Golos, other publications might be subject to review by the team.
  • Extraordinary articles consist of minimum 750+ words and must include 2+ images
  • Must include link to or
  • Minimum words required : 500
  • Reward

  • Extraordinary article : 3000 RNO
  • Great article : 1750 RNO
  • Average article : 750 RNO