Get rewarded on EarneoTube

  • # How do I get rewarded on Earneo.Tube?

    At Earneo, we have one mission: to reward all of our users. We are currently rewarding our viewers for watching videos.
    Log in to your account, watch videos and see your RNO grow. It’s that simple!
    As we develop our platform, we will expand our rewards system.
    We plan to share advertising revenue with all of our users: Content Creators, Moderators, and Viewers.

  • # Can I open multiple accounts and watch videos to earn more RNO on Earneo.Tube?

    We are a fair video-sharing platform, and we want to reward all our users. This means that we expect our users to be fair as well and use the platform in good faith.
    2 Accounts by IP are actually authorized
    We are asking our users not to open multiple accounts just to take advantage of this opportunity.
    Our platform’s goal is to be a place where we can all create and share content and get rewarded for it. It was not designed with a purpose to only farm tokens.
    Those users who decide to violate rules and open multiple accounts will be suspended and possibly permanently banned from the platform and our other services.

  • # Can I use a proxy or VPN to access Earneo.Tube?

    Using proxies or VPN is tolerated to access and use Earneo.Tube. However, every type of monetization will be suspended.

  • # Is there a limit to the number of rewards I can receive per video?

    Yes, under certain conditions you are eligible to get rewarded multiple times.
    However, the reward will be reduced.

  • # What is RNO?

    RNO is a token built on the BNB Smart chain (BEP20).
    Check out for more information.
    RNO is used to reward our users for using the platform.

  • # How do I create a wallet in order to receive RNO?

    You can create a wallet using the TrustWallet app
    Or set up a BNB smart chain wallet

    You can also use the Metamask wallet to receive RNO - BEP20 on BSC RNO-BEP20 address always starts with the letters: 0x RNO-BEP2 is no longer supported.

  • # What is RNO smart contract address ?

    RNO smart contract address on BNB Smart chain is : 0x7F6EE7E043D12C2dE15E9B4Bb6bC0921e86361A9 Check on

  • # How do I withdraw RNO to my wallet?

    The withdrawal feature appears when you reach at least 200 RNO. (Check on your profile page, we often lower the limit)
    1. Log into your account
    2. Click on Wallet
    3. Enter your BEP20 RNO wallet address
    4. Submit

    You will receive an email to confirm your withdrawal. Always double-check your address, and then validate your withdrawal if the information provided is correct.

  • # I haven’t read the instructions, and I’ve used the wrong wallet information.
    What can I do?

    Unfortunately, we cannot assist you at this point.
    When you decided to withdraw tokens to your wallet, you were asked to check all necessary information in order to complete the transaction correctly. Transactions cannot be canceled, and tokens cannot be reimbursed.
    We would like to encourage you to go back to EarneoTube, watch videos and earn your tokens again.

  • # What is the Earneo XP system and the Level in my profile ?

    The level you can see on your profile, is the Earneo XP system.
    It is a new incentive system on Earneo.Tube Each action that you perform on Earneo.Tube and Earneo Mobile app will reward you with XP Points:

    • Watch videos
    • Share videos
    • Subscribe to a channel
    • Comment on videos
    • Like/dislike videos
    • Like/dislike comments

    Each action will provide you with a different amount of XP. When you reach 2000 XP points, you will automatically Level Up.

    Every time you reach a new level, the RNO reward system on Earneo.Tube will also increase! For example, when you reach Level 10, your RNO reward will be 10% more than when you started your XP accumulation journey. You can Level Up until you reach the max Level, which is currently Level 50.

  • # Is there a limit on actions that I can perform to earn more XP ?

    Yes, there are limitations to prevent misuse and abuse of the system.
    By a period of 24 hours, the limitations are :

    • Comment 200 maximum (Comments must be relevant if you post okokokoko or kkkkkkkk ) for obvious reasons, we might remove the comments, therefore leading to your XP being removed as well.
    • Channel subscription 25 maximum
    • Watch video 200 maximum
    • Like/dislike video 500 maximum
    • Like/dislike comment 500 maximum
    • Share video 50 maximum

  • # How works the referral system ?

    How does it works? From your profile page, you will find referral link. Share it to your friends, or send them an email directly from the referral page.
    When one of your contacts registers, thanks to you, we will give you the equivalent of 10% of what they earn on Earneo.Tube during the first 6 months.
    The amount will decrease every 6 monhts.
    Example: You invite five people earning 1000 RNO over a month each. You will receive a total of 500 RNO. ( 5 referred X 1000 RNO = 5000 RNO x10% = 500 RNO) Your friends will, indeed, still get their 1000 RNO each.

    As soon as they register, your friends will receive 6000 XP points for starting their journey on Earneo.