Earn on EarneoTube

  • # How do I earn on Earneo.Tube?

    At Earneo, we have one mission: to reward all of our users. We are currently rewarding our viewers for watching videos.
    Log in to your account, watch videos and see your RNO grow. It’s that simple!
    As we develop our platform, we will expand our rewards system.
    We plan to share advertising revenue with all of our users: Content Creators, Moderators, and Viewers.

  • # Can I open multiple accounts and watch videos to earn more RNO on Earneo.Tube?

    We are a fair video-sharing platform, and we want to reward all our users. This means that we expect our users to be fair as well and use the platform in good faith.
    We are asking our users not to open multiple accounts just to take advantage of this opportunity.
    Our platform’s goal is to be a place where we can all create and share content and get rewarded for it. It was not designed with a purpose to only farm tokens.
    In a situation where we notice such behavior, you will be asked to select 2 accounts on which you want to continue earning RNO. The option to redeem rewards on other accounts will be closed. In case you decide to continue with such behavior, your account may get banned.

  • # Is there a limit to the number of rewards I can receive per video?

    Yes, you are eligible to earn twice while watching the same video.
    Under certain conditions, you can receive the reward three times.

  • # What is RNO?

    RNO is a utility token built on the Binance Chain (BEP2) we use to reward users of EarneoTube.

  • # How do I create a wallet in order to receive RNO?

    You can create a wallet using the TrustWallet app
    Or set up a Binance chain wallet

    Bear in mind that the RNO address always starts with the letters: BNB!

  • # How do I withdraw RNO to my wallet?

    The withdrawal feature appears when you reach at least 500 RNO.
    1. Log into your account
    2. Click on Wallet
    3. Enter your RNO wallet address (must start with the letters: BNB!)
    4. The MEMO field is mandatory if you’re withdrawing to an exchange
    5. Submit

    You will receive an email to confirm your withdrawal. Always double-check your address, and then validate your withdrawal if the information provided is correct.
    Your RNO will be deposited on your wallet in a span of 24hours.

  • # I haven’t read the instructions, and I’ve used the wrong wallet information.
    What can I do?

    Unfortunately, we cannot assist you at this point.
    When you decided to withdraw tokens to your wallet, you were asked to check all necessary information in order to complete the transaction correctly. Transactions cannot be canceled, and tokens cannot be reimbursed.
    We would like to encourage you to go back to EarneoTube, watch videos and earn your tokens again.